Stone Carved Fossil Sculpture – Kerr Arts & Cultural Center

Kerrville, Texas

I am a retired geologist. A few years ago I embarked upon a rather quixotic goal of convincing . . . Kerr Arts and Cultural Center (KACC), in the center of town to accept one statue of a fossil as a centerpiece to their building.

I commissioned Dean Reganess to carve the statue and required that it conform precisely to the specifications of the animal species which I selected; a marine gastropod (snail) that had inhabited this area approximately 100,000,000 years ago. I provided him with specifications and scientific drawings. Dean created the statue exactly as prescribed, but had the artistic sense to present it in a very attractive manner that has drawn highly favorable comments from all who have seen it. Since then I have seen other carvings by Dean on exhibit at the Schreiner Museum next door to KACC.

I think it is worth noting that Dean works selflessly to promote his profession. He has offered free lessons to all interested parties and loves working with children. . . Schulen