Dean Reganess, Master Stone Sculptor

Red Celt Stone company was founded by Dean Reganess, an Old World Stone Carver, who had the peculiar fortune of growing up on Carver Road in the remote farmlands of Michigan. Being a third generation stone mason, he already had a deep-rooted family history in the stone trade.

But by a chance meeting on a trip outside the United States, Dean met a Master Stone Carver in County Clare, Ireland, who gave him the beginnings of a trade he was truly meant to do. Before learning the art of stone carving, the company founder played a major role in the stone construction of Lake Norman and Charlotte, where in many places people pass by every day . . . Ballantyne Country Club, The Peninsula, Smithstone, (to name a few), and the impressive 25 foot tall twin monuments for Olde York Farms, in York, South Carolina.

"Creating art in stone requires immense focus and a workhorse-like commitment. This is why it is my chosen medium. With creative intensity and artistic vision, I strive to rally the spirit of humankind. I am a third generation stone mason. I cannot imagine a material better suited to convey my artistic message of hope and perseverance.

With enduring hope and perseverance, my dream and passion is to one day open a school and teach others the lost art & architecture of stone sculpting.

My craft demands strict precision, but is rewarding unlike anything else. I have watched my art strengthen a person’s resolve. I have witnessed tears of joy. Always, I seek to light the path with messages of hope. This is my purpose. I am an artist on the road less-traveled."

"Stone is integrity. Stone is strength. I am a Stone Sculptor."

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Share the adventure with Dean & his Red Celt Stone family!

DISCOVER 21st CENTURY OLD-WORLD POSSIBILITIES . . . for Art & Architecture! Join Dean and his family on the road less-traveled! One filled with Old World skills, precision, resolve, even messages of hope and joy about life, art, and architecture.


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Be amazed at the unique, impeccable skill and craftsmanship in every project and piece offered. May your chosen project find a special place in your home or business. May your chosen Old World stone creation also touch and transform your living environments in ways only Dean and his family of Stone Sculptors can!


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Red Celt Stone Business Manager, Wife, Mother of our six children, and all-around Amazing Life Partner!


Our oldest, Silver, is quickly becoming a master stone sculptor himself! He actually carves ambidextrously. He and Dean are also Father-Son blacksmiths!


Our oldest girls are learning woodcarving and weaving on a loom. They join in with the whole family growing food, using herbs, and together enjoying holistic living . . .living Old World Ways in the 21st century is our family passion.